How does this work?

This is just a simple site to help create a secure password with ease. It offers several ways to customize password creation to make the experience as easy as possible.

How long should my password be?

The best answer is: longer the better. The reality is the longer your password, the harder it can be to guess, or break through with software. It also helps to use more than just alpha-numeric characters or "symbols".

What type of password should I use

The most secure is typically "all characters", though that's also the most complicated to remember. The key is to combine length and complexity to ensure the best compromise.

Do I really need to use symbols/upper case?

You don't need them, but they greatly enhance your security. For example, if you use only lower case letters for your password, each space in your password has 1 of 26 combinations. If you add in other characters, such as numbers, and symbols, your password is much more secure because it's 1 of 40+ combinations for each character you use. Use upper case alphabetical characters, and you can add 26 more possibilites.

What's wrong with just using a word?

Using a word alone is easily compromised by using software tools that try all the words in a dictionary file against your account.

Are passwords recorded?

Passwords are generated on request for you. They are not logged or stored in any way on the server to ensure your privacy and security. We do however record how many total passwords are generated on a daily basis as part of a statistics benchmark, but never see the passwords generated. You can checkout the privacy policy for more information.

Please note it is possibile for Viruses, "Spyware" or "Keyloggers" to record your password.

For Viruses For Spyware/Keyloggers

Getting Help

Contact Information

Should you need help, you can contact for support, but please be patient for a reply! Remember this is a free service.

Commercial Use / Developers API

Developer Overview

The developer API is not quite complete yet, check back soon for more information on this. Any interested parties can contact for more information on this.

Available for websites, corporate use, etc.