What is this?

This is just a simple way to generate good secure passwords for use on various websites, business systems, or any other place where you may need a password. It allows you to choose various characteristics of a good password. They are generated on on command for you.

Why do I need this?

Did you know using "password" as your password isn't a very secure thing to do? Nor is your birthdate, wedding anniversary, or pet monkey's name. By using a good random password it's much harder for someone to figure out what it might be, or to apply a "dictionary attack" against your password.

Is there an API for developers?

Not just yet, but there will be. For now you can just point users to this website to generate a password. In the near future you will be able to integrate this application into your own.

Who is behind this?

Robert Accettura is the web developer behind this site. He is currently working on refining and improving this site as well as working on a few more projects. If you have any questions/comments about this site, please get in touch.